March 2012

Cabin Fever? Head to Kalahari

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

Midwesterners live that line. In fact, the joke is that there are two seasons in the Midwest: winter and construction. We get cabin fever after being stuck indoors for so long. The snow piles up to the window ledges and the temperatures plummet to points so low that it is just not safe for young children to play outside. There are only so many board games and books that a parent can put up with before they just need to get away from their kids.

Enter Kalahari.

Mall of America | We've Got It All

The Midwest has it all. Four equally-enjoyable seasons. Tons of inland lakes and the Great Lakes for every water sport imaginable. We’ve also got Mall of America. Don’t be jealous. Here are 10 reasons why you should come and visit the pride of Bloomington, Minnesota:

1.    There are 4.3 miles of store fronts in the mall. Now, that’s some mall walking!

2.    If you spent just 10 measly minutes inside each store, it would still take you over 86 hours to hit them all. I don’t know about you, but my feet sure would be sore.

Cedar Point | Rocking Midwest Summers Since 1870

My friend from high school, Erica, just posted to Facebook that she and her daughter have their tickets for opening day at Cedar Point. I am sooo jealous. You see, for a MidWesterner, there is no other place to start or, for that matter, to end your summer, than Cedar Point. Erica and I went at least once a year throughout high school. Every Physics II class within a 250 mile radius went as an excuse for a field trip. Yes, I took Physics II *just* for that field trip. What? I got an “A”. In fact, I seem to recall out entire senior class heading to Sandusky the morning after prom. We were a huge caravan of cars and minivans filled with sleeping teenagers and one unlucky, wide-awake driver.