February 2012

3 Delicious Midwest Foods

If you've grown up in the Midwest, you may not realize that the rest of the United States doesn't love the same foods you've been eating since you were a child. From desserts to appetizers, there are numerous foods that Midwesterners love that you won't find in every state. Here are a few:


If you've never had toasted ravioli, you're definitely missing out. Ravioli is stuffed with beef, breaded lightly, and then fried or baked (usually fried – most folks in the Midwest like fried stuff). Then these delicious little rectangles are served with a warm container of marinara sauce, although some people swear they taste best with ranch. Ranch is good on anything if you live in the Midwest.


There's a reason people as far as New York order pizza online from Imo's, and that's because it's delicious. Fresh ingredients, provel cheese, and a super thin crust – that's the St. Louis way. I used to have a coworker who lived in New York (but came to St. Louis for meetings), and every single time he was in town, he would eat nothing but Imo's at his desk.