January 2012

Travelling to the Mid West

Travelling is always fun, especially if you are going to an area you have never been before.  Depending on the type of traveller you are, you may do some research before you go but you may just wait and see the signs as you go down the road to help you decide where you want to stop.  If you are going to the Mid West United States, here are a few attractions you may want to stop and see. 

Wineries – There are a lot of wineries in this area.  You likely could spend a few days just going around and getting drunk by doing tastings.  For this reason, it is a good idea to see if you can find wine tours where they take care of the transportation for you.  You will find all sorts of types when you visit the wineries and may find a few new favourites to take home with you.

Omaha's Best Ethnic Restaurants

Tacos, Thai and Persia

Omaha, Nebraska is known as a steak-and-potatoes town, but anyone who says that hasn’t really eaten in this city. The city is full of small ethnic enclaves with plenty of authentic culinary options, holes-in-the-wall joints that serve delicious food and enough ethnic food places that fit into mainstream hang-outs that you’re sure not to miss them. Change your perception of Omaha eating—read, it’s good beyond steak—and check out some of my favorite ethnic restaurants in Omaha:

Urban-Centered Midwestern Food

Steak, cheese curds and beer--why leave?

I grew up in Omaha—the land of the big steak—and went to school in Wisconsin—the land of brats, cheese and beer, so I like to think of myself as an expert on traditional Midwestern cuisine. Most Midwestern-originated food is synonymous with American food—things like Thanksgiving dinner turkeys and hot dogs—but some food in various urban centers of the Midwest is unique to those locales. Let’s take a look at a few epicenters of Midwestern foods: