December 2011

Wisconsin Cheese Curds | Yes, They Really Squeak


The cheese curd. Maybe you have heard of it. Maybe not. If you live in Wisconsin, a cheese curd is likely the first morsel of adult food to pass your lips. These moist, slightly salty tidbits are synonymous with the Dairy State. Not to be confused with a Cheesehead, which is the traditional nickname for a Green Bay Packers football fan, a cheese curd is something you eat. And, it squeaks. Yes, you read that correctly, cheese curds squeak when bitten. The curd rubs against your teeth and makes a funny, yet ironically encouraging squeak that spurs you on to eat more and more and…  

Wired Coffee is a St. Louis Bucket List Must!

If you are in the St. Louis area and you are searching for a great place for coffee and atmosphere, I must recommend Wired Coffee. We finally got around to going to Wired, which was on my last year’s bucket list (I make a new list of 100 things every birthday), over the weekend, and I was not disappointed. Unfortunately some school decided to take a field trip there for the day, so it was more crowded than I would have liked, but overall I was pretty impressed.

Pasties, Periogis And Paczkis – Say What?

In Michigan, there is a rich ethnic heritage dating back to the fur trappers of the 1700’s. From Detroit to the Sault Ste. Marie, those earlier French settlers left their mark. As good as a croissant may be, it was the later immigrants from Cornwall and Poland that left us some of the tastiest treats.  

A pasty, not to be confused with the infamous pastie, is pastry dough filled with diced meat, potatoes, onions and turnips. The yummy package was then baked and, according to tradition, carried down into the copper mines and eaten for lunch by the hard-working crew.

Only in Michigan: Christmas Decorations and Fried Chicken

F-r-a-n-k-e-n-m-u-t-h ! That’s what we used to shout out on the drive north on I-75 as we neared our destination and saw those giant billboards telling us we were getting closer. Frankenmuth and all it has to offer is a Michigan tradition. Some may find the Bavarian village, re-created in the middle of the thumb area of Michigan, a little hokey. I find it charming. From the glockenspiel in the middle of town to the stollen bread on the tables before dinner, I love all the quirks and small town charm of this Michigan landmark.