Wired Coffee is a St. Louis Bucket List Must!

Wired Coffee is a St. Louis Bucket List Must!

If you are in the St. Louis area and you are searching for a great place for coffee and atmosphere, I must recommend Wired Coffee. We finally got around to going to Wired, which was on my last year’s bucket list (I make a new list of 100 things every birthday), over the weekend, and I was not disappointed. Unfortunately some school decided to take a field trip there for the day, so it was more crowded than I would have liked, but overall I was pretty impressed.

Though it was very busy, the two women working we able to keep orders filled in a pretty reasonable time frame. I ordered a frothy vanilla frozen latte, which was absolutely delicious. Most people know that this is more like a dessert than a coffee, and boy, did it not disappoint! It was creamy, sweet, and delicious. I am glad I ordered a large.

My husband ordered a lemonade, but they were out; that didn’t deter the barista, however, because she offered to make him one out of lemon flavoring and Italian soda. It was delicious, too, though we had to make sure to stir it up in order to circulate all of that delicious flavor. We were almost glad that there was no lemonade!

Perhaps the happiest of our trio was my daughter, who tried gelato for the first time. Yes, the store has gelato! She had dark chocolate—of course, every kid loves chocolate; it’s not my cup of tea, so I didn’t try it, though we plan on all ordering something from the gelato menu next time around—and was so happy that she smiled the entire time she ate it. She actually asked for more, when one cup of ice cream is usually enough to satisfy her sweet tooth.

We were able to get all of these things for under ten bucks, which was great—and the place itself was comfortable and open, with bright colors, TVs in a separate room so they don’t bother you if you want to tune them out, well-worn couches, and quirky artwork. Overall our experience at Wired Coffee was a wonderful one and I can’t wait to go back and try something new. The store also features plenty of savory food items, from sandwiches to breakfast wraps, and desserts if you are hungry; I, of course, want to try another cold and frothy treat!